Meet Will Spargur

Born in Kentucky, Will grew up with a love for color, changing seasons, and the warmth of friends and family. He started knitting in 2011 with the help of his friend, Elisabeth, while they were huddled in a small upstairs apartment by the fireplace in the middle of a power outage caused by the first devastating ice storm to hit the area. He later taught himself how to crochet with the help of YouTube and a very patient coworker. 

Will has dipped his hands into the designing, dyeing, and spinning pools, though dyeing is ​his favorite by far. 

Now a resident of Las Vegas, he spends his time cooking, reading, and playing with his two Chihuahua Terriers, Princess and Duchess, in addition to his regular fiber arts. 

When he's not playing with fiber or stuffed into a book, you can find him playing with legos, model trains, or playing flute and saxophone, which he does regularly every weekend. He strives to keep the innocence of live alive in everything he does.

​This youthfulness, style, and creativity is infused in his hand dyed yarns, which are sure to capture your attention and your heart.