The Basic Bandana

The Basic Bandana

By: Will Spargur



6.5 mm/US K crochet hook

Tapestry needle


Yarn: 1 skein of Spargur Yarn Co worsted weight “Dutch Tulips”

  • 100g/181 yards
  • 100% superwash merino


Stitch Glossary:

ch - chain                                                        sc - single crochet

hdc – half double crochet                              


Pattern Notes:

The ch2 at the beginning of a row or round counts as the first stitch.


The ch1 at the beginning of a row or round does not count as the first stitch.


The turning chains from the previous row counts as the last stitch of the row. When asked to crochet into the last stitch, my preferred method is to crochet into the space between the chain and the next stitch of the previous row.


When stitch counts are given, the count includes the ch1 space in the center of the row or round.



Start with a magic ring.


Row 1 (WS): ch2, 2hdc, ch1, 3hdc all into magic ring, turn. (7 sts)


Row 2 (RS): ch2, hdc into same stitch, hdc in each stitch to ch1 space, [2hdc, ch1, 2hdc] into ch1 space, hdc in each stitch to last stitch, 2 hdc into last stitch, turn. (13 sts)


Rows 3-19: Repeat row 2. (115 sts)




With wrong sides facing, slip stitch into ch2 space from beginning of row just completed to create a circular piece. Turn the work so the tops of the stitches from the previous row are facing up. You will now be working in the round.


Round 1 (with RS facing): ch2, hdc in every stitch to ch1 space, [2hdc, ch1, 2hdc] in ch1 space, hdc in every stitch, join with slip stitch in top of first hdc. (161 sts)


Using loose tension, slip stitch from join up to the unworked edge/top of bandana. Turn work so unworked edge is facing up.


Working into the sides of the unworked edge in the round:


Round 1 (with RS facing): ch1, sc twice in every hdc row edge, and once in the center of the magic circle. Join with a slip stitch in top of first sc from the round. (approximately 39 – 40 sts)


Round 2: ch1, sc in each stitch around, slip stitch to join.


Round 3: Repeat round 2.


Cut yarn. Weave in ends.


Add fringe if desired.


Block lightly.